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Mobility Freedom Wheelchair Van Rentals

Wheelchair Vans of America LogoOur rental division, Wheelchair Vans of America, is Florida's largest provider of wheelchair van rentals. They offer high quality wheelchair accessible rental vehicles in Florida, Viriginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, and New Hampshire as well.

See Family, Travel to Medical Appointments, Try Before You Buy, or go on a Weekend Getaway

If your vehicle is in for repair, you're going on vacation, or you just need a wheelchair accessible vehicle for a day, we are ready to help. Both minivans and full-size vehicles are available. We can also deliver your vehicle to your home, place of business, local airports and train stations, and more.*
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Wheelchair Accessible Rental Vehicle Options

Wheelchair Vans of America has one of the newest fleets in the industry to ensure customers have a pleasant rental experience. A newer wheelchair van means you will have a more reliable vehicle while renting a van from us. Below are some of the options we have available. Not all options are available at all locations, so request a reservation to find out if the perfect wheelchair van rental is available today!

Available Wheelchair Vans

Side Entry Rental Minivan

Dodge & Chrysler Side Entry Mini Van Rentals
The Dodge or Chrysler Side Entry Mini Van is our most popular wheelchair rental van. They offer a full cut lowered floor conversion that allows for a spacious wheelchair seating area. These vans have two seating options and can sit 5 able body passengers and 1 wheelchair user or 4 able body passengers and 2 wheelchair users. Couple this with their ~20 MPG fuel efficiency and you have a great vehicle to economically get you around town.

Rental Van Benefits

  • Fuel Efficient
  • Family Friendly
  • Removable Passenger Seat
  • Hand controls and Transfer Seat*
  • Extra Tall Wheelchair Accessible
    *Not available at all locations

Wheelchair Van Rental Options

  • Hand Controls (subject to availability)
  • Transfer Seats (subject to availability)
  • GPS Navigation Available (additional fees apply)

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Rear Entry Rental Minivan

The Dodge Rear Entry Mini Van is a good option for people with longer wheelchairs who will be riding as a passenger. Some parents and caretakers prefer this type of van conversion. Some of our customers prefer the convenience of a rear entry wheelchair van rental when it comes to parking and getting out in a busy area. The drawbacks to this van are its limited seating options and the fact that the wheelchair user will be far back in the vehicle. However, with their ~20 MPG fuel efficiency it is a great vehicle to economically get you around town.

Rental Van Benefits

  • Fuel Efficient
  • Parking Ease
  • Extended Length for Wheelchair Passenger
  • Roomy Interior

Wheelchair Van Rental Options

  • GPS Navigation Available (additional fees apply)

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Full Size Wheelchair Van Rental

full-size-wheelchair-van-rentalFord E-250 and E-350 vans with a BraunAbility lift on the side or back is the best option for people traveling with a large group. The capacities can extend to 5 ambulatory and 2 wheelchair users or 8 ambulatory and 1 wheelchair user. This large size comes at the cost of fuel economy which is understandably poor. Not all locations carry these vans, so it is important to call ahead before making a reservation request. Whatever the case, if you have a large group this is the best way to travel.

Rental Van Benefits

  • Accommodates up to 9 Passengers
  • 500lbs and 800lbs Lifts
  • Extended head room and extra wide lifts
  • Roomy Interior

Wheelchair Van Rental Options

  • GPS Navigation Available (additional fees apply)

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The Mobility Freedom Rental Difference

rental-wheelchair-vanOur wheelchair accessible rental vans are made with your needs in mind. Our mini vans have a Lowered Floor Conversion with a fully automatic fold-out ramp and kneeling system (unless otherwise noted). The van includes all standard equipment for your comfort and safety, including a full set of wheelchair tie downs and lap belt. We strive to always carry the newest model vehicles to ensure you have a pleasant rental experience.

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Best of Class Wheelchair Van Rental Features

  • Varied Floor Plans
  • Pick Up and Delivery Services
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Third Party Billing
  • Driver Setup Hand Controls (select vehicles only, limited availability)
  • Powered Transfer Seats
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Rentals and Rates
  • Long Term Rental Options

*Delivery fees may apply and vary based on location and distance