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Wheelchair Accessible Vans

The Freedom Motors Rear Entry also known as the Kneelvan is a great value for a person looking for a rear entry conversion product

FMI LogoThe Kneelvan is the ultimate wheelchair and handicap accessible van. Kneelvans look similar to the top of the line minivans they're based on. There are no added ground effects to stand out to make it look like a wheelchair accessible van. Part of the reason is that the Wheelchair Accessible Kneelvan does not lose any ground clearance.

Unlike other wheelchair van designs is that back in Europe, where the Kneelvan’s wheelchair accessible van design originally came from, small hilly roads made this design a favorite for people who had to depend on their Wheelchair vehicle to get them where they needed to go. And Kneelvan will do the same for you, through the car wash, speed bumps, country roads and hilly driveways you encounter. No other wheelchair van or handicap accessible vehicle offers you so much convenience. Choose the best wheelchair and handicapped accessible vans available, choose Kneelvan.

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