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Driving Aids and Driving Controls

Mobility Freedom offers a complete selection of driving controls, from simple spinner knobs and hand control installations to high-tech Electronic Mobility Controls. Let us help you find the best driving controls to help you gain back your ability to drive.

All driving controls require driver training or existing proof of certification. Electronic controls require custom fitting and installation appointments. Please call so we can help answer your questions about our driving control options and what will best fit your situation.



Hand Controls

Our hand controls are custom fit and tested by the manufacturer. Hand controls allow the driver to operate the brake pedal, gas pedal, or both by a handle on the left side of the steering column. Exact application may vary for between different vehicles.

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ezlock BL-7317EZ-LOCK BL-7317 - Automatic Wheelchair Tie Down

For those who rely on their wheelchair as seating in their vehicle; the EZ Lock system is the absolute best solution for travel safety and security. The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor; saving you both time and effort.

Even better, the automatic docking base allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle. We do our best to make it easy for you to meet your mobility needs; whether your driving or just enjoying the ride.


QLK-150Qstraint QLK-150 - Automatic Wheelchair Tie Down

The QLK-150 wheelchair docking system is the next step in independent wheelchair securement (also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs). It is the perfect solution for those looking to drive their vehicle or who want to quickly secure their own wheelchair using a single point system.

Contact us for more information on how your wheelchair accessible vehicle and power chair can be equipped with this equipment.


mpd_accelerator_brake_guardBraking Systems

We offer several types of breaking modifications and or systems. Brake pedal blocks (as shown in picture) are recommended and required on most hand control installations to prevent accidental pressing of the factory gas or brake pedal.

A brake only hand control option is available for those who have adequate leg movement and control for pressing the oem/factory gas pedal but not the brake.

Low Effort or Zero Effort braking systems are also offered which allow the braking system to be operated with little or no effort. This equipment requires extensive professional driver training. Please contact us for information on driver training.


emcElectronic Mobility Controls

Electronic Controls made by EMC (electronic mobility controls) are truly a marvel in our industry. Giving even the most ability challenged people access to driving once again. Controls include, touch pad controls for most vehicle functions, joystick controlled steering, accelerating and braking and more.

***This equipment requires extensive professional driver training. Please contact us for information on driver training and this equipment!


mps_spinner_knobSteering Systems

We offer several steering devices and systems. The simplest device is a spinner knob (as shown in picture), these simple devices are always paired with hand controls but can also be installed alone for the use of easy turning of the steering wheel.

Also available is low and zero effort steering. In cases where upper body strength and the ability to turn the steering wheel are not present, low or zero effort steering does just as the name suggests, allows the user to turn the steering wheel with little or no effort.

The images and product information below have been taken with permission from the manufacturer website.

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